King's Neurophysiologist wins leadership award

03 December 2014


Dr Franz Brunnhuber, Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at King's, won the NHS London Leadership Academy's award for outstanding collaborative leadership.

Dr Franz Brunnhuber, Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at King's, won the "NHS Leadership Recognition Award for outstanding collaborative leadership" at the London Leadership Academy's Leadership Recognition Awards 2014.

This award recognises “a commitment to leading in partnership with others that has resulted in real improvements in health and wellbeing for both individuals and communities.”

Dr Brunnhuber was nominated by Devyani Amin, lead technician in our Neurophysiology department, for his work developing the Neurophysiology department over the past 11 years.

Projects he has lead on include:

  • A daycase telemetry service to alleviate pressures on waiting times
  • A satellite department at Medway Maritime Hospital to reduce waiting and travel times for Kent patients, and provide on-site diagnostics for critical care patients
  • A home telemetry service to diagnose seizures in adult and paediatric patients who no longer need to come into hospital
  • Several training and development opportunities for staff, including an Erasmus collaborative project with a healthcare college in Portugal
  • An “Art in Hospital” exhibition, with works from local art students displayed in patient waiting areas to provide a more relaxing environment

Dr Brunnhuber was presented with his award at a ceremony on Thursday 20 November, where a keynote speech on leadership was given by Sir Clive Woodward OBE, former England rugby player and coach.

“I am very grateful to have won this award, especially being up against two other outstanding contenders,” said Dr Brunnhuber. “I would like to thank the rest of the Neurophysiology team – this is a collective prize as much as a personal one. Without their hard work and dedication, the developments we have introduced over the past few years would not have happened.”

Congratulations to Dr Brunnhuber on his achievement.

More information about the London Leadership Academy and the Leadership Recognition Awards is available on the London Leadership Academy website.

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