Private facilities

King's Private is a dedicated service for patients who wish to have the comfort of their own hotel style room and a more flexible choice of dates for treatment. Our private services are based in the Guthrie Wing, a beautiful Art Deco building comprising 21 private bed rooms and a dedicated reception and administration department.

Your accommodation is situated in the Guthrie Wing, but all tests, investigations and surgical procedures will take place in the main hospital. If you require very specialist services you may be transferred to a room or a unit in the appropriate specialist area.

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While most of our patients are from the UK, we have treated patients from over 30 different countries, many of whom are not able to access the high quality specialist care they need in their own country.  

For our international patients we provide additional dedicated services such as patient liaison staff fluent in Arabic, Greek and Chinese. They will look after you during your stay and will also act as translators. We provide prayer rooms, Halal meals, television and newspapers in your own language ad support for your relatives during your stay.

The income generated by private patients is important for the hospital and is reinvested to further develop our world-class clinical services. Both the NHS and private patients benefit from this investment. 

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