Worlds Firsts and Innovation:

King's encourages innovation and research and has been at the forefront of many medical breakthoughs. We are very proud of our staff who have recieved many awards and commendations for their work. We would like to highlight some of the world firsts that have taken place at King's.

King’s History Timeline

  • 2016 - The cardiac team became the first in the world to insert a mitral spacer into the heart of a patient giving the heart time to recover before successful conventional surgery.
  • 2015 - World-first study that could improve lives of people living with long-term neurological conditions commenced at King's.
  • 2015 - A King's cancer patient become the world's first person to try a new chemotherapy app on an Apple watch to monitor her condition.
  • 2014 - King's appointed the world's first Professor of Metabolic Surgery. Professor Francesco Rubino is an internationally renowned leader in bariatric and metabolic surgery.
  • 2014 - The liver team at King's performed 228 transplants in the year. The most in a year in the history of the hospital.
  • 2013 - King's undertook the world's first "warm liver" transplant using an organ that was "kept alive" at body temperature.
  • 2012 - The team at King's, led by eye surgeon Mr Tim Jackson, successfully carried out retinal implant (microchip) surgery for patients with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition.
  • 2011 - The world's first injection of donor liver cells was undertaken at King's.
  • 2009 - King's Health Partner's was formed bringing together a world-leading university (King's College London) and three successful hospitals including King's College Hospital.
  • 2008 - King's haematology department celebrate 1,000 bone marrow transplants.
  • 2006 - King's Consultants repaired the acute rupture of the inner wall of the heart using a device instead of conventional surgery.
  • 2000 - A King's Consultant made the Guinness Book of Records for successfully transplanting a liver into the youngest child ever at 5 days old.
  • 1998 - King's started a successful programme of split liver transplantation.
  • 1996 - The first bone marrow transplant was carried out by Prof Ghulam Mufti and his team. King’s is now one of the leading institutions in the world on mini-transplants for myeloid leukaemias.
  • 1995 - Professor Nigel Leigh established the UK's first specialist Motor Neurone Disease Care & Research Centre.
  • 1990 - King's appointed the first Professor of Paediatric Hepatology in the UK. Prof Alex Mowat established the liver transplantation programme in children.
  • 1988 - Sir James Whyte Black, Professor of Analytical Pharmacology won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
  • 1970 - The world's first specialist liver intensive care ward was opened at King's.
  • 1966 - Miss World 1966 was the only Miss World who qualified as a doctor during her reign. She went on to continue her studies at King's College Hospital.
  • 1966 - Professor Roger Williams along with Professor Roy Calne performed the first liver transplants in the UK.
  • 1923 - The Dental School was established at King's College Hospital.
  • 1877 - The pioneer of aseptic surgery, Joseph Lister, performed the world's first major elective surgery under strict antiseptic conditions.
  • 1860 - Florence Nightingale founded the world's first professional school of nursing.
  • 1840 - Sir William Fergusson was appointed Professor of Surgery and introduced practice of conservative amputation. In 1867 he was appointed as sergeant-surgeon to HM The Queen.
  • 1840 - Professor of Medicine - George Budd - appointed. His name is perpetuated in the Budd-Chiari syndrome, a disease of progressive liver failure caused by obstruction to the hepatic vein.
  • 1840 - King's College Hospital was established.

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